I gave my daughter a box when she embarked on her teaching career with Teach First and was finding it pretty tough going with a letter of encouragement inside.  She qualified last summer and received the following wonderful message from a colleague that she now has in her box too.

“My wonderful, funny and amazing school daughter.  I want you to know how proud of you I am.  All your determination and strength has paid off and you have become a fantastic teacher. Both the children in our class and myself love and adore you.  Be proud, very proud.  I really have enjoyed working with you this year and am delighted I am working with you again next year, so we can continue our super journey. Thank you for your friendship.”

Other messages I have sent and received are:

” I have always admired your amazing capacity to exude compassionate calm and kindness combined with a wonderful sense of fun. What a gift. I am so lucky to have you as a friend”

” You are one of those rare people that make me feel that my day/week was so much the better for having seen you.”

” Thank you for being my mummy and not completely losing it with your useless child.  I guess I have learnt a very important life lesson.”