“The root of joy is gratefulness. Give generously. Recognise and encourage the kindness and endeavours of those around you. It will be sunshine to their souls.”

The definition of eulogy is:

A formal speech or piece of writing praising a person or thing.

The great sadness is that such recognition and praise is often only said after they have recently died.

The concept of a Living Eulogy Box is to encourage you to formally thank and praise those you love and admire in their living years – to write down your thoughts so that your words can be treasured by those who receive them and they can live their lives knowing that they have made a valued difference.

Parents often keep momentos of their children’s early years in special boxes and memory boxes are created to help those towards the end of their lives cherish significant events and people in their lives. A Living Eulogy Box is where notes of what people have done in their adult lives, that they are most proud of and would like to be remembered for, could be kept. A special box file perhaps.  Surely making a positive difference to the lives of others has to be top of the list? It might be your work, your family, raising lots of money for charity but it could be just those few kind words or actions that made a real difference to someone in need. Who would know if it wasn’t written down?

I have started giving boxes to friends and family and colleagues as presents and taking the opportunity, when writing letters , to add a couple of paragraphs starting, “I just want to take this opportunity to say……”  It would be wonderful if you felt inspired to do the same.